What best social networks on the Internet for increase in popularity?

Of course, it is difficult to list all social networks, in view of their huge number. But we will consider those which are the most known, popular and visited - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. 

The main pluses which give social networks are an opportunity to communicate, strike up new acquaintances, to find new information, to watch video, to listen to music. Especially as all new and interesting in such places extends immediately. Therefore social networks are highly appreciated very much and many, for the first time opening for themselves the Internet, seek to create on them the page.

What is followers, subscribers, fans and friends

Each of participants of network community ("friend", "follower", "fans") creates own personal news feed for viewing, interweaving into it a blog-news feed of those members of a network whose information is submitted to the most relevant to its interests and tastes. Such personal tape is personal media, contrary to mass media. For quick increase in subscribers in Instagram there are specialized services which help to find service for buying Real Instagram Likes less than 10 minutes easily for small money. The personal tape of friends and subscribers is a personal window in community, is more correct directly in several communities in which involvement selects everyone for itself independently. The tape is permanently completed and reformatted as the reader includes in it news feeds of the next new authors, i.e. is connected to new communities.

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